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Milan Vopička

Advantage Cars

How long has your company been operating on the market?
I have been in the automobile business for more than 20 years. The Advantage Cars brand has existed for 15 years and our current showroom has been situated at this address for 7 years.

What are the prospects for development for the near future?
In recent years, we have specialized in the premium car segment, where we deliver limited-edition vehicles or luxury models that are not for sale. I would like to emphasize that we provide not just sale and car service, but we strive to connect our customers and to create new friendships and business relationships. Throughout the year, we meet our clients at various interesting events. At the same time, our flagship is the unique Advantage Season Opening: a three-day supersport race with an unknown course and goal, where about a hundred cars regularly take part.

What is the philosophy of your business?
I believe that running any business and creating a brand always involves routine work – the only difference is in the details. I always try to provide my clients with extra service, to deliver what I promise. I never give up; there are always moments when you are successful and when you fail. My dad has taught me to follow the motto “Win, lose, shake hands”, and I do so.

The secret of your success?
The great merit in the quality of my work, as well as my personal life, is the fact that I spent all my childhood and youth in professional sports. Sports can teach a person discipline and self-motivation, and they can help you gain self-confidence and work through losses.


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