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Ing. Petra Barešová

BNV Consulting, Praha

What does your company do?
We increase productivity and reduce costs both in both commercial companies and in public administration. To put it simply, we do the unpleasant work for the bosses.

Does anyone in public administration want to cut costs?
In public and in the media, every politician does, but the practice is understandably different. In recent years, costs in the public sector have been increasing incredibly fast. Politicians boast and beat their chests about how they are saving money, but the offices are swelling and meaningless institutions are growing. Our client must have the courage and, of course, the power to take austerity measures.

Will it pay off for them?
Certainly! They will save millions of crowns in costs, which they can invest much more meaningfully.

Has anything ever surprised you?
Something surprises me every day, and we’ve been in business for twenty years.

Apart from this industry, you are also involved in transport…
Since its foundation, our company has been dedicated to transport. We do projects for many transport companies in the Czech Republic and abroad. It is our core competence. But there is always room for improvement in transport. My colleague and I own a transport company. We have dozens of buses and over a hundred drivers.

That must be a big responsibility…
Well, first of all, it's a big concern. We are responsible for the drivers, dispatchers, servicing the vehicles, dealing with fuel, etc. The company operates mainly within the framework of urban public transport and the regular services that belong to it. We operate in Prague and in other regions. We cooperate with Slovakia, Turkey and Italy. I dare to say that our buses meet the strictest limits. We are constantly improving our fleet and have perfect drivers.

What would you say to our readers?
So many people want to take a ride in a limousine, I would prefer they take our buses.


Melantrichova 970/17b
110 00 Praha 1
+420 224 235 330
+420 224 235 354


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