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Mgr. Lena Hronková

Spolumajitelka firmy Praga 1


How long has your company been operating in the market?
Our company has been selling luxury real estate for 17 years. We are the leader in sales of castles in the Czech Republic. We offer real estate not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia, France, Italy and Dubai. We have a wide choice from apartments to hotels. We are experts in the field of real estate. Czech Television made a program about the Praga1 company, we have talked about our activities in interviews on radio and in the media.

What are your prospects for development in the near future?
We have many plans, but most of all we want to expand our business and create an investment center where our clients will receive comprehensive and qualified services for investing and increasing their capital.

How did you segregate duties in your family business?
We have many clients. We mainly focus on services for foreigners. The information on our website www.praga1.com is available in 4 languages: Czech, Russian, English and Chinese. In our company, I am responsible for Czech and Russian-speaking clients, and my husband works with English-speaking and Chinese clients.

What inspires you in your work?
People from all over the world contact us and the best thing in my work is communication with them. It is a pleasure to meet representatives of different nationalities. I am glad that they are attracted to Czech castles. I am encouraged when I see how the new owners raise their castles from the ruins and breathe new life into them. Thanks to my work, I can visit castles that ordinary people can’t.


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