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Valérie Vostřáková

Realistická kresba tužkou

How long have you been engaged in artistic creation?
Even as a child, I was a creative person, I liked to draw during my school time, I also took art classes for a short time. However, the turning point came when I started high school, as I had to dedicate myself to my studies and put all other interests aside at that time. I graduated as a machine operator, which is not a typical profession for a woman. Technique and technical drawings always inspired me, that’s why drawing with a pencil was the closest to me.
I started to devote myself fully to realistic drawing three years ago.
I was fascinated with the amazing works of Spanish hyperrealistic artists. I also attended a few drawing courses in Prague, but none offered me what I expected, I went through trial and error. Therefore, I began to study this drawing technique by myself with the help of short videos on the internet. Little by little, I moved forward and tried to develop my skills with progressive practice.

Where are you looking for inspiration?
Everywhere – in life, in photos, on the internet. I like complex patterns, where there are a lot of details and structures (fabric, skin, animal hair and fur, etc.). With an ordinary graphite pencil, an eraser and shading,
I try to add color into my drawings so that it is immediately evident that the hair is red or the eyes are blue. I give priority to human emotions, that’s why I choose emotional images or plots with interesting stories.
I want to produce not boring drawings, like ordinary portraits or coloring books are, but to evoke happy smiles with my works.

What are your prospects in the near future?
I am not planning anything specific yet. Now I’m just collecting more
experiences. I made a lot of mistakes before I acquired the necessary skills, so I try not to repeat them.
One day, I hope to share my experience in drawing, if it will be interesting for someone.

Your secret of success?
I never stop learning and practicing, constantly striving to create more refined and perfect works.

Valérie Vostřáková Art



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