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Sylva Cerhová

Arabella fashion and beauty

How long has your company been operating on the market?
Our Kingdom for Women is exceptional and unique in our field. We have been operating since 1993, this year celebrating 25 years. During this time we have helped many women, and many of them have stayed with us to this day, and more are coming. Arabella fashion models are involved in preparing TV shows, such as news programs, StarDance, and serials. Our shows decorate many social, golf, and horse racing events.

What are your prospects for development in the near future?
I want to show to all women, that they do not have to be frugal for themselves. That they can find models and services that work for them. That we offer a great price-to-quality ratio. Women become more beautiful and more self-confident with us. My priority is a satisfied client and I can help her to solve every problem.

What is the philosophy of your business?

My dream from the beginning was to underline the beauty of women. I perceive the body as a temple of the spirit, and this informs the way I choose models for women. So that the clothes can be assembled to optically highlight the advantages and hide the shortcomings of a figure (e.g., a slim wardrobe and an anti-age wardrobe). Of course, the color of models is chosen relate it to clients’ color type. We also provide a wardrobe service (tailoring, dry-cleaning). Our models have also had success abroad and have appeared on the pages of the Daily Telegraph. Clients with our amazing hats win different hat competitions ranging from racing (e.g., The Velká pardubická) to polo (e.g., in Austria). It is best to come visit us. You will be convinced of the quality of our products and services.

The secret of your success?
Throughout my life I’ve done everything with an open heart. I do what I enjoy, and I do what helps not only me, but also all of my clients.
I am constantly studying, searching for news and passing on my experience. I take every obstacle as a challenge, because only by overcoming it can I myself, and also others, move forward.


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