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Mgr. Lenka Nevečeřalová


How long has your company been on the market?
Our company is still quite new to the market, however, we believe that it will make its name soon.

What are your goals in the near future?
The main goal of our company is to present a beverage that can be an alternative to unhealthy sugary beverages. Our product contains no sugar, calories, artificial sweeteners or colorings. The dominant ingredient is oxygen. We believe that the oxygen contributes to the wellbeing of the human organism and can boost its energy naturally. Back in school we learned about oxygen, so we should know that oxygen is very beneficial for us, it helps and benefits our body and supports human cells. We put these benefits for the human body into practice in the form of our beverage, which contains only water and
a large amount of oxygen, with the addition of a harmless essence, such as lemon, for a better taste sensation on the tongue. I repeat that the most important thing for us is that this drink is completely free of sugar, which is quite literally a killer for the human organism.
We want people to think about what they are drinking and what effect oxygen has on their bodies. The oxygen in our drink can help them – whether it's to perform better, better concentration, recovery, fighting fatigue, weight loss, etc. Now, of course, it is important for people to see for themselves, that this is the case, and start using this drink for their daily drinking routine. As we say, more oxygen, more energy.

I hope that one day I can say that it has been worthwhile and that we have created something that is very beneficial for many people.

Your secret of success?
To give our bodies more healthy energy.

Your secret of success?
To give our bodies more healthy energy.


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