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Lucie Gelemová, BA

Artist. Age: 38. Sign: Capricorn. Place of birth: České Budějovice

Lucie Gelemová is a modern Czech painter of original pieces of art.
As a self-taught artist, she began with drawing and painting. Through art, she formulates a difficult personal experiences, inner motivations, and perceptions of her life. Her paintings capture some forms of decadence that are transferred from her everyday experiences of the world around her.
At 23 years old, Lucie moved to London, where she later met with Jewish painter Barbara Jackson. Under her leadership she began to artistically develop at the Institute of the Archer Academy.
After three years, Lucie Gelemová returned to her homeland, where she graduated from an accredited art therapy course at Masaryk
University in Brno and a painting course in the studio of Jaroslav Platil in České Budějovice.
From 2014–2017 she studied at the ART & DESIGN INSTITUT in Prague, at graphic art and painting studio, successfully completing the state exam. She further improved her skills and gradually began to show her paintings and graphics in public galleries and private collections.
The outstanding art critic Jiří Hlušička, PhD, pointed out: “Lucie Gelemová, intentionally or unintentionally, continues the heritage of Czech Modern Art and tends to find her own outlook. It seems to me that our synthetic cubism can say a lot to her, or even more the fact that Josef Čapek could become distinguished with his prominent works in the first half of 1930s. She also bases her figurative, landscape, and still-life paintings on a simplified linear contour and two-dimensional projection. This helps her to convey a sense of rhythm and to divide the surface into parts. She prefers pure colors, which benefit the semantic sound of her paintings, having a specific stylization that is like smiling, and her own impressive way of presentation, like a fairy tale. I am absolutely convinced that her efforts are worth mentioning and deserve attention.”

I belong among those people who love nature, are faithful friends, devoted partners, and sometimes are naughty.
I don’t like it when someone lies and deliberately hurts other people, animals, and nature.
In my life, I was most influenced by my grandparents and by the death of my younger sister at the age of 14.
Sometimes we all must suffer.
To live means to breathe.
I like honesty, wisdom, courage, country life, our Czech lands and language, Czechoslovak films and fairy tales, folk songs, the color fuchsia, running in the summer rain through a meadow, experiencing miracles…
I hope to one day to raise two of my own healthy, smart, and beautiful children together with a wonderful and loving husband (in the countryside).
It is important to remember that we live only one life.
I like Prague, but I love Český Krumlov.
My favorite smell is the smell of the forest.
My favorite food is fresh crispy bread with butter.
My favorite sport is picking mushrooms and blueberries,
harvesting rosehips, and baking pies. ☺
Things that always make me happy are sunshine and some good dessert.
The secret of my success… Benjamin Disraeli once said, “Success is the child of audacity.” “The secret of success is to do the common things uncommonly well,” John Davison Rockefeller asserted, and I like it.


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