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Štěpánka Zinkaizlová

Česká mincovna, a.s.

How long has your company been operating on the market?
The Czech Mint (Česká mincovna, a.s.) has been in business since July 1993. The company was established after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia, due to needing our own coin producer in our country. Before that, coins of the Czechoslovak koruna were made at the Kremnica Mint in Slovakia.

What are your prospects for development for in near future?
The Czech Mint is a dynamic and rapidly developing company. We are expanding abroad, exhibited at EXPO 2022, and we are getting closer to our customers in the Czech Republic. The new shop on Havelská street is just one of many new developments. It offers great facilities not only for our customers, but also for large investors. We are looking forward to the upcoming events in this store, such as meetings with the designers of our coins, vernissages and autograph sessions with the participation of outstanding personalities whose portraits we are minting (in the near future there will be Olympic gold medalists).
The store on Havelská is located next to the place with genius loci. The only preserved market in the middle of old Prague is there, where lively trade has existed since 1232. We perceive this as a challenge and believe that the store will become a meeting place, both in its public and private spaces.

Your secret of success?
Always strive for success, be open to opportunities and, figuratively speaking, internally switch to a higher speed. Be faster and more interesting than your competitors. All this entails the need to have a well-assembled team, in which everyone has an internal engine. Every person in the Czech Mint is interested in the result of our work, and in our success.


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