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Roman Kushnir

Founder of the Kushnir Fund crypto investment fund, human nature researcher, investor, and private
equity manager on global markets


Blockchain in a New Reality

We all live in the paradigm of today and of everything that surrounds us now. And we take any change personally. But chaos can be ordered if you look at everything from the perspective of historical cycles.
After all, everything has already happened before, we need only to call it to mind. There have been 48 global economic crises (big debt cycles, including all the cases that led to real GDP falling by more than 3 % in large countries) over the last 500 years, 16 of which were financial and trade wars, 12 of which ended in actual military intervention. And the status of the world’s reserve currency moves from one to another once every 100 years. If you think about it, it turns out that private property is not untouchable from time to time.
But after all, we remember the phrase: “It never happened, and here it is again.”
It is true that never in history has humanity lived as comfortably as in the 21st century when the capitalization of private households is at its peak. That leads to the connection between the state and the individual, everyone can be a chosen one, but everyone can do nothing. And all these sanctions, which states impose on each other, ultimately affect the life of individuals, not governments, which hide their managerial mistakes and only benefit from rising interest and tax rates while making excuses for the hyperinflation that results from their geopolitical wars. Then a new cycle begins, and history repeats itself.
Thanks to technological progress, one can not only fly into space but also protect one’s capital in turbulent times. The earlier we learn to accept these technological challenges, the sooner we will discover new opportunities for ourselves.
While the banking system freezes transactions until “finding out the reason”, you can freely move around the world with a flash drive containing assets that equal the GDP of the average archipelago.
While companies are trying to put an electronic signature by printing a document, signing it, and then scanning it, KushnirFund is implementing smart contracts for new projects where the decentralized processes eliminate the human factor.
We will not analyze the credibility revolution; we would leave it to the Nobel Committee.
I want to say that cryptocurrencies as an economic element are the liquidity for the future; they are something between gold and modern art. Both cost a lot of money and their prices are constantly rising. We can offer decentralized finance (DeFi) as an opportunity to touch a big and beautiful world that is becoming more and more complicated.
Since people have not only material needs but also numerous other demands (such as ambitions, demonstration of ownership of the right, and desire to be unique), equity tokens as a way of capital management can create a metaverse independent from external circumstances. There are tools for this purpose already available in the real world. You can try it now to protect and multiply your capital for your future. Make the right decision!

Roman Kushnir, PhD
Stöcklerweg 1, Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Instagram: @kushnir_lifestyle


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