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The Prague 1 Chamber of Commerce

The History of the Chamber of Commerce Dates Back to the Middle Ages. The Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic is the only legal representative of entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic and at the same time the most important representative of the business sphere in our country. It has more than 16 000 members. You can find the Chamber of Commerce in every region, in more than 70 cities in the Czech Republic.


The Czech Chamber of Commerce was established logically in 1993 after the establishment of the independent Czech Republic, but its history goes back much further. It is closely linked not only to the activities of the pre-war chambers of commerce, industry and trade, trade associations and other self-governing business associations, but its history is also closely connected with the history of the chambers of commerce of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. These were established on the basis of Act No. 122 of the Reich Code of 18. 3. 1850, when all the chambers of commerce in the entire territory of Austria-Hungary were gradually established. On the territory of the Czech state, these were the Brno, Prague, České Budějovice, Pilsen, Cheb, Olomouc, Liberec and Opava Chambers of Commerce.
In the trade part, the chamber even refers to the historical legacy of medieval guilds, whose roots date back to the 14th century, to the reign of Charles IV., and earlier. At that time, the first guilds began to emerge in the towns of the Bohemian Kingdom, uniting and representing the interests of individual craft professions. Bricklayers, stonemasons, tailors, shoemakers, wheelwrights, blacksmiths and potters had their own guilds. It is the protection and representation of the interests of the craft trades that connects the former guilds with today’s Chamber of Commerce. The modern guilds are part of the chamber.
The mission of the Chamber of Commerce is to create opportunities for business, to promote and support measures that contribute to the development of business in the Czech Republic, and thus to the overall economic stability of the state. The Chamber of Commerce defends the interests of entrepreneurs from all sectors and all regions, with the exception of agriculture, food and forestry (this activity is performed by the Agrarian Chamber of the Czech Republic).
Every year, the Chamber of Commerce formulates the Action Plan of the Czech Chamber of Commerce, which represents a summary of key measures that are implemented by the Chamber’s management in relation to the state administration and local government. It reflects the interests of the membership base for improving the conditions of the business environment.
Chambers in the regions provide support to entrepreneurs, especially advisory and consultancy services in matters related to business activities, issuing certified statements of selected state administration agendas, supporting education, assistance in entering foreign markets, etc.
Any legal entity or individual person, whether or not registered in the Commercial Register with a trade license may become a member of the Chamber. The registered office must be in the Czech Republic. An entrepreneur may become a member through a district or regional chamber or an incorporated trade association.


One of the Strongest Chambers is Located in the Center of Prague

If you are based or do business in the center of Prague, your home chamber is the Prague 1 Chamber of Commerce. It is one of the strongest district chambers ever, which brings together almost 500 business entities with a registered office or business interest in the territory of Prague 1.

Specific members are home and property owners who are interested in the most favorable environment that will enable them to acquire creditworthy and stable tenants.
In addition to the classic activities of protecting and supporting the interests of its members in order to facilitate their business, communication with local governments and decision-making authorities in the territory of Prague, mediation of information, organization of events or consulting and advisory activities, the Prague Chamber of Commerce also fulfils a mission related to the location of its activity.
It strives to ensure that Prague 1 no longer loses its position as the economic, economic and business center of Prague and the Czech Republic, supports business activities that help raise the standard of Prague 1 as the center of a modern European city in accordance with the historical tradition of its formation and changes, and strives to eliminate the negative impact of business activities on the inhabitants of the City District of Prague 1 and to harmonize their coexistence on its territory as much as possible.
If you want to find out more about the Prague 1 Chamber of Commerce or join it directly, you can find its office at Vodičkova Street 32. You can also find more information at www.hkpraha1.cz, where you will of course also find contacts as well as an application form.


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