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Eva Primus Kovandová. A Good Soul in the Heart of Prague

When you come into contact with the Prague 1 Chamber of Commerce, you will encounter her. But it will not be an unpleasant impact at all, on the contrary. Eva Primus Kovandová, the director of the Chamber of Commerce’s board office, is literally a good soul for entrepreneurs in the heart of Prague.

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Kushnir Fund

The analysis of the Great Depression made it possible to predict the 2008 crisis. Applying the causality principle, we can learn three main things about 2023, which happened again and again throughout history, but probably not in our lifetime. That is why it may seem to us they are happening for the first time.

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D4 Motorway Construction Paves the Way for PPP in the Czech Republic

The completion of the motorway network is one of the priorities of the Czech government. Until now, all sections of motorways have been built exclusively by the state. However, the completion of the 32 kilometers of the D4 motorway is the first time that a partnership between the state and the private sector has been used in the Czech Republic. After the preparatory work, the Via Salis consortium is starting construction in full swing.

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The Prague 1 Chamber of Commerce

The History of the Chamber of Commerce Dates Back to the Middle Ages. The Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic is the only legal representative of entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic and at the same time the most important representative of the business sphere in our country. It has more than 16 000 members. You can find the Chamber of Commerce in every region, in more than 70 cities in the Czech Republic.

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Audi Q4 e-tron

Tichý pohon, atraktivní design a kupa nejmodernějších technologií. Seznamte se s nejnovějším modelem Audi Q4 e-tron.

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