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Radka Šušková

New Dimension, s.r.o.New Dimension, s.r.o.
jednatelka, poradce managementu


You are a co-owner of New Dimension. What do you offer your clients?

In our company we have a philosophy, which says: “Processes are only as good as the people who are in them.” That is why we work on developing the competence of company employees so they can effectively run and improve their processes. We start with the owners and top managers of a company, with whom we co-create a specific strategy and strategic projects and prepare the employees through different forms of education and project work.

What do you need in order to function that way with clients?

I have to be surrounded by people who are enthusiastic and able to cooperate. When you work with people who find their job meaningful, who can build on their experiences and are willing to learn, you have everything you need for this job. I am very lucky to have such a team around me… With that you can achieve anything.

Based on your experience – what do companies need in times of prosperity in order to grow?

Companies are dealing with the arrival of Industry 4.0. Everyone is trying to figure out how to deal with new technology. However, they should be focusing on people and their readiness in the first place. With our clients we are working on a competence model K I 4.0, which is the base of a new approach to the development of people. People will need to develop competences different to those they had before. Most of the routine activities are disappearing and people will be facing new challenges. Social innovation will be another key topic. If the companies want to maintain their competitive ability, social innovation should be vital to them. We will be dealing with a lot of social problems, intergenerational cooperation, multiculturalism, new approaches to working hours and forms of work.


New Dimension, s.r.o.




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