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Jamilya Andreyeva



How long have you been operating in the market?
For about four years, I have been doing comprehensive PR. During this time, our team managed to take an active part in promoting more than 100 cultural events.

What are your prospects for development in the near future?
Recently, I have been conducting individual consulting, but the most important thing, that a lot of time and energy is being devoted to now, is selling our concerts to local and foreign advertisers.
We already have all the tools to make millions of people in the Czech Republic know and love your brand due to the professional submission of talented specialists.
By investing in cultural events, you not only receive financial benefits and increase loyalty to your company, but also have a lot of fun and get moral satisfaction. And most importantly, you make hundreds and thousands of people happy.

Your secret of success?
For me, my activity is not a job, not a business, it is something that inspires me and gives me a lot of energy, even during the process of creating a marketing plan, not to mention the surge of positive energy on Day X, when you see a full hall of happy people, when you hear praise from
artists and organizers.
And the most important secret of my success is that I work with reliable people, only with the most professional organizers and artists.


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