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František Školník


How long has your company been operating on the market?
One may say since 1944, the year my father Jiří Školník was born, because the brand ŠKOLNÍK.art is meant to continue his lifetime’s work. But the idea to produce and sell reproductions of his paintings arose last year. I kept thinking about how to bring paintings into regular households and last spring a few pulses came that made me fulfill my ideas, start up this way and I fell in love with it.

What are the prospects for development for the near future?
To my delight, the second exhibition of this year is to be opened in May. The opening is planned on 27. 5. 2022 in Salvador Dalí – Enigma Museum at Opletalova Street in Prague. Besides the reproductions, I have also selected a few originals to be presented for sale there. In addition to that, the original of the Tichý Circus is to be shown there in public after 49 years. This piece of art was finished in 1972 and is often seen as dad’s masterpiece.

I hope one day I will be able to fall asleep with the feeling that I gave back the glory to my father’s name and made a decent job on the market in terms of how great it is to have at home a piece of real art. I mean not only for collectors but for the wider public, because with high-end reproductions it is possible.

Your secret of success?
Being lucky. But also not waiting for a miracle (I like this saying, luck is when an opportunity comes across a prepared person). Once such luck comes, hard work needs to start. To cooperate with people who trust you, you trust their experience and appreciate the time and energy they put into your vision.


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