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Juan Braun (Jan, Matador)

Author, journalist, traveler, professor

Age 66 reincarnations
Sign Aries
Place of birth Brno, Czechoslovakia

Juan Braun is a Czech-Argentinian author, journalist, traveler, Harvard professor, Casanova, who rode on the back of a crocodile in Africa.
He has traveled to more than 195 countries and worked in more than 50 for UNICEF, FAO, INTA, USAID. He has worked in countries such as Mozambique, Uganda, Kenya and Argentina where he survived a Military Dictatorship. A writer with more than 30 books published in several languages, dealing with Evita, Che Guevara, Dalai Lama, Sai Baba and the Illuminati.
As a Casanova, he was loved by powerful and beautiful women such as the President of Ecuador Rosalia Arteaga and the Costa Rican
Ambassador in Washington Sonia Picado. Juan has a great family and two children Ricardo and Patricia.
As a laureate, he was honored with the European Medal of Franz Kafka; declared distinguished guest of Saint Petersburg, Russia, and Quito, Ecuador.

In order to gain something, “lady luck” must love you.
I belong among those people who always take risks and tries to achieve incredible things such as being a Harvard professor.
I don’t like it when I travel and see so much poverty.
For everything in my life, I am grateful to my parents and mentors like Paulo Freire, who showed me “the way”.
Sometimes we all must accept our failures.
To live means to wake up every morning with a smile.
I like women, travel, steaks and to be lazy.
I hope to one day to be able to see our world free of wars, poverty and corruption.
It is important to remember that I am just one person in eight billion.
Always strive to be kind and help others.
One must have enough money to be able to enjoy a good cappuccino with friends at “Cafe~Cafe”.
I like Prague because it is magical and has friendly spirits.
The best expert is one who shows others their way “su camino”.
Now I am concerned about our planet being destroyed by pollution, forests being cut, rhinos and tigers being killed.
The secret of my success is I do what I want to do.


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